Do you struggle with sensory processing?

  • Does your mind feel too busy or fuzzy?

  • Is it hard to deal with changes?

  • Do all stimuli get too much for you?

  • Do you get affected by sounds, smells and people around you?

  • Are you exhausted after a normal day?

  • Do you feel like hiding from the outside world?

  • Does your overstimulation lead to meltdowns?

  • Do you avoid public transport, malls or birthday parties?

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of these questions? Then you might benefit from deep pressure, just like our Squease users.

Mirjam talks about using her Squease Pressure vest to deal with sensory overstimulation

No more avoiding

I can do more things with the vest, especially during multi-sensory moments like birthday parties
or a supermarket.


Sifra's account of Squease and how it helps her feel less anxious when she is wearing the vest.

A peaceful mind

Without my pressure vest there’s
too much fuss in my head
. I won’t
go into a supermarket
without my vest.


Filtering stimuli 

Incoming stimuli don’t affect me
as much anymore so I’m less
tired. The pressure vest
enriches my life.


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Deep pressure helps sensory processing

We have to process millions of stimuli per minute, so sensory processing difficulties and over or understimulation can strongly affect your daily life. It can lead to undesirable behaviour for yourself and your surroundings. Think of concentration problems, sleeping problems, avoiding certain activities and environments, panic attacks, anger, frustration and overcoming stimuli (by making noises, covering ears, hand flapping).

Everyone has a natural need for safety, security and comfort. The soothing effect of deep pressure is nothing new. Think of the effect of a firm hug when you are upset or the swaddling of restless babies. People with sensory processing differences can greatly benefit from deep pressure.

Deep pressure has a direct influence on the brain and has a regulatory effect on sensory processing. It reduces the overwhelming effect of all the stimuli received.
It helps to calm down an overstimulated mind. By inflating our pressure vest, you can apply the deep pressure whenever you need it so you can concentrate better, fall asleep quicker and feel less anxious, stressed, frustrated or restless.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you with sensory processing?

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How do I use a Squease vest to help with sensory processing?

Do you experience overstimulation several times a day? Then we recommend you inflate the vest at 2 hour intervals, for approximately 20 minutes each time, irrespective of your stress levels at those times. The calming effect of deep pressure lasts for up to 2 hours after the vest has been deflated. This will reduce the likelihood and severity of overloading your sensory system during the two-hour period so you’re less likely to experience restlessness, stress, or concentration problems.

Do you feel overstimulated in a supermarket, on your school break or in the cafeteria at work? Or are you daydreaming or absent minded which causes concentration problems? Then you can wear your vest during the activity or moment that makes you feel over or understimulated. This will help to process stimuli better. You can deflate the vest when you feel better.

Did you just come home from a busy day of school or work and do you feel like your mind is overflowing with thoughts? Or do you want to hide in your room with headphones to block out the noise? Then you can inflate the vest to better process all stimuli that you had to endure during the day and to calm down quicker. You can deflate your vest whenever you feel calm again. There’s no need to worry about wearing the vest for too long, because you can’t experience too much deep pressure.

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