Do you struggle to feel comfortable?

  • Do you easily feel uncomfortable?

  • Is it hard to deal with changes?

  • Do you have social anxiety?

  • Do you easily feel unsafe?

  • Do you toss and turn often?

  • Is it difficult to be alone?

  • Are you afraid of failing?

  • It is hard to clear your mind or thoughts?

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of these questions? Then you might benefit from deep pressure, just like our Squease users.

Bas talks about how Squease makes him feel calm, pleasant and safe.

Feeling safe

“The pressure vest gives me a
calm and safe feeling when I
walk down the street in the
city or travel with
public transport.”


Jeanne has autism and describes how she uses Squease to concentrate

Daring to do more

“The deep pressure vest literally ‘keeps me in my body’, a pleasant and safe feeling! It also makes it easier for me to start a
new activity.”


Squease Pressure Vest can discreetly zip into our Blue Hoodie

Comfortably being alone

“I find it very difficult to sleep in
my own bedroom all alone.
Now, my vest helps me with
that. I never want to
take if off anymore!”


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Deep pressure helps you feel more comfortable

We often hear from Squease users that their sensory processing difficulties make them feel uncomfortable because they can’t process all incoming stimuli, which makes them feel different, overstimulated, excluded or anxious. Deep pressure has a regulating effect on sensory processing and provides a safe and calming hug-like feeling. Our users use their pressure vest to feel more comfortable, safe, confident and to be more daring so they are not as easily excluded from activities or events.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel more comfortable?

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Read all user stories on Squease and feeling comfortable >>>