Do you have low self-confidence?

  • Do you often feel shy?

  • Is it hard to talk to people?

  • Do you feel insecure?

  • Do you struggle to try new activities?

  • Do you hate being the center of attention?

  • Do presentations freak you out?

  • Do you shut down easily?

  • Do you avoid certain things because of your insecurities?

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of these questions? Then you might benefit from deep pressure, just like our Squease users.

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More confidence

“Keano is growing in self-
confidence and everything
seems to be getting
easier for him.”


Feeling protected

“The vest feels like an
armour that gives me
defense powers! I think
it looks super cool.”


Chris talks about how she likes to use the vest to fall asleep alongside her weighted blanket

Being more daring

“The vest reduces her level of stress and she is now able to carry out tasks that she would otherwise
not have dared to do.”


Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel more confident?

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Read all user stories on Squease and confidence >>>