Do you struggle to concentrate?

  • Does your mind wander often?

  • Does your head feel too full or fuzzy?

  • Is it hard to sit still?

  • Do you get irritated or agitated by sounds around you?

  • Is it hard to focus on your work?

  • Do you struggle to switch between tasks?

  • Is it hard to finish tasks at school or work?

  • Do you distract others with your restless behaviour?

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of these questions? Then you might benefit from deep pressure, just like our Squease users.

Working calmly 

He can relax, concentrate
better, is quieter and takes
the time to finish
things at school


Delphine gebruikt het Squese drukvest voor prikkelverwerking en om beter te concentreren

Less distracted

It’s like my concentration “on or
off button” works better. I turn
the “sound-button” off and the
“concentration-button” on.


Reinder talks about how he can handle the things that irritate him better with his Squease Pressure Vest

Concentrating better 

“It’s going much better at school.
He can focus on his work now
and he can handle the things
that irritate him better.”


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Deep pressure helps to improve concentration

Children and adults that have sensory processing difficulties often have concentration problems. They are easily distracted, their mind wanders, they can’t sit still and are fidgeting, which leads to problems with finishing tasks at work or at school.

Deep pressure has a direct influence on the brain and has a regulating effect on sensory processing. By inflating the vest the pressure on your body will help to filter stimuli so you aren’t as affected by them. This will help you to be less distracted and to concentrate better, so you can finish your tasks and maybe even have better results at school or at work.

As opposed to other deep pressure tools such as weighted vests or blankets, the Squease vest is thin and lightweight and applies pressure with air instead of weight. This means you can comfortably wear the vest all day and inflate it whenever you need it, such as during a test in school or an important work meeting.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you with sensory processing?

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How do I use Squease to concentrate better?

If you can’t or don’t want to wear the Squease vest during an activity such as a presentation at work or a test in school, you can inflate the vest beforehand. The calming effect of the deep pressure will last for up to 2 hours after the vest has been deflated. With a inflation period of 20 minutes before the activity, you will be able to filter stimuli better so you don’t get affected by the stimuli as much and can concentrate better.

Is it hard to concentrate during grocery shopping or while driving a car? Or do you have an important work meeting or a tough math class? Then you can inflate the vest so you don’t get distracted, are calmer and can focus better. You can deflate the vest when the activity has ended.  

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