Do you struggle to calm down?

  • Do you often feel restless or hyperactive?

  • Is it hard to deal with changes?

  • Is it hard to deal with busy environments?

  • Does it feel like your head is overflowing with thoughts?

  • Do you experience anger or meltdowns?

  • Do you get upset easily?

  • Is it a struggle to calm your child?

  • Does your restlessness result in body aches or sleeping problems?

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of these questions? Then you might benefit from deep pressure, just like our Squease users.

Jeno has adhd and discusses how he uses his Squease Kids Pressure Vest when he is angry.

Less ADHD medication

“My mum sometimes forgets to give me my ADHD medication because I am much more calm.”


Dr. Wenn Lawson explains how she uses Squease to calm down everywhere

Functioning calmly 

“There is lowered stress, lowered frustration and so much less activity going on in my body and mind.”


Less panic and restlessness 

“My panic attacks and restlessness
fade a lot quicker. Normally I would
have been restless for hours.”


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Deep pressure helps to calm down

Children and adults that struggle with sensory processing often feel restless in their mind and body because they can’t process all the incoming stimuli and get overstimulated. This can result in meltdowns, sleeping problems, panic attacks or overcoming the incoming stimuli (by making noises, covering ears, hand flapping).
Deep pressure helps to filter stimuli and has a calming effect on the nervous system so it can calm you down when you’re experiencing restlessness, overstimulation, hyperactivity, meltdowns or panic attacks. Read more about the effect of deep pressure here.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you calm down?

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How do I use a Squease vest to calm down?

Do you experience restlessness or overstimulation several times a day? Then we recommend you inflate the vest at 2 hour intervals, for approximately 20 minutes each time, irrespective of your stress levels at those times. The calming effect of deep pressure lasts for up to 2 hours after the vest has been deflated. This will reduce the likelihood and severity of overloading your sensory system during the two-hour period so you’re less likely to experience restlessness, stress or panic.

You can inflate the vest when you need to calm down, for example when you feel restless or have trouble falling asleep. Read more about how to use Squease for sleeping problems here. You can either inflate the vest for 20 minutes and then deflate it, or deflate it when you feel calm again. The pressure vest feels like a soothing hug and will help you feel calm and safe quicker.

Did you suddenly feel restless or did you just have a meltdown? And didn’t you have your vest with you? Then you can still inflate the vest so you can calm down quicker and can go on with your day a lot quicker.

Read all user stories on Squease and calming >>>