Project Description


‘I can see Willem becoming calmer’

‘He doesn’t struggle to get to sleep anymore’
(Willem’s mother) I think Squease is great. Willem has full control and the people in his environment notice little to nothing at all. It’s clearly provided comfort for Willem and a pleasant feeling. Willem has also worn the deep pressure vest at night and didn’t get out of bed on these nights, which is unusual for him as often he struggles to get to sleep. He seemed very happy when I tucked him in, wearing his deep pressure vest and lying under his weighted pillow. Priceless, such a smile! In the mornings Willem took off his Squease to wash and get dressed, but immediately afterwards he would put the Squease back on.

‘The vest helps him during difficult moments’
On one day, Willem and I had had a disagreement after which he would normally stay in a bad mood. But today it was over after a remarkably short period of time. I’m not sure, but I suspect the garment has contributed to this. I like that I can help to alert Willem to use his vest. When he has a difficult moment I sometimes give him a hint to inflate the vest, which helps. I can see Willem becoming calmer. When his emotions become very strong – when he is angry or really sad – inflating the vest no longer seems to help. That said I really love having something to offer Willem at such difficult moments. I feel less helpless when Willem doesn’t know how to handle his emotions.

‘Willem finds it a joy to wear’
We think Squease is superb! Willem has really benefited a lot from it, proven by the fact that he has worn it almost continuously, even at night! Willem finds it a joy to wear.

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