Project Description

Sifra (4)

‘Without my pressure vest there’s too much fuss in my head’

(Sifra’s mom) Sifra is 4 years old and three times a week she visits a day care where she gets physical therapy. One day, the physiotherapist told us that deep pressure works very well for Sifra. He told us that he had heard about a pressure vest and after some research we came across the Squease website.

‘The pressure vest became essential during busy times’
During the rental period, we had to get used to the vest but we made great progress. One day Sifra was able to go with me to the supermarket while wearing the vest and another day we went to the marketplace! That would definitely not work without her vest, as being in a crowded place means too much fuss in Sifra’s mind. From that moment on the pressure vest became essential during busy times or in a crowded environment. Two weeks flew by until the rental period was over.

‘I’m not going to come with you without my pressure vest’
A week after the rental period I wanted to go shopping. Sifra was enthusiastic about joining me and asked for her pressure vest. I told her: ‘we’ve sent it back so another child can try it, remember?’ Sifra sighed and said: ‘Then I’m not gonna come with you, because without my pressure vest there’s too much fuss in my head.’

‘Sifra is less anxious and restless when she is wearing the vest’
That’s why we decided to buy a Squease vest and it’s great to see how happy Sifra is since she has her own vest! Meanwhile we use the pressure vest in more and more situations. She can indicate herself whenever she wants to take it with her or whenever she wants to actually wear it. It works best for her in situations where groups of people are around and in chaotic environments. Sifra is less anxious and restless when she is wearing the vest. For us as parents, it’s so good to see that!

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less stressed/anxious?

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