Project Description


‘I use Squease to recalibrate my thoughts’

‘I use Squease before I get into bed to relax’
I’d like to wear Squease everyday and did so when I was on tour. I find it hard to relax before I go to sleep, I use Squease before I get into bed to relax me and recalibrate my thoughts so I worry less about the troubles in my mind.

‘I used it when I was overwhelmed to feel safer’
My brain only processes so much sensory information. You can assign points to each sensory stimulus and set a threshold. If my threshold was 100 that would mean that after this I got overloaded. Things like down lighting combined with reflective floor surfaces can sometimes be worth up to 50 points. When I was at a meeting in America I got overwhelmed by the noise and lights around me I felt overwhelmed and unable to think or feel properly so I inflated Squease. This made me feel safer.

More information about Robyn can be found on her website.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you to prevent sensory overload?

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