Project Description

Robin (12)

‘Meltdowns are not an everyday occurrence anymore!’

‘Robin deals badly with busy environments and loud sounds’
‘Robin is a twelve year old boy with autism and Sensory Integration (SI) problems. Robin deals badly with busy environments and loud sounds. He also gets very restless and agitated at exciting events or changes in his routine. This all kept getting worse and we couldn’t undertake much anymore as a family.

‘He could just survive a day of school’
He could just survive a day of school, but severe meltdowns were an everyday occurrence after school. Because Robin had to go to high school we had him tested again for autism. Our doctor advised us to try a pressure vest. Thus we rented a vest for four weeks and then decided to buy it.

‘He now behaves a lot better’
Robin is still trying to perfect when he should deflate the vest. Sometimes he keeps it inflated for too long, but that only shows that it really helps him. We’ve noticed a positive change in him. He now behaves a lot better at school and he manages difficult situations better. The vest makes Robin feel safe. We are very satisfied with Squease and it is definitely worth the investment!’

– Robin’s mom

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you calm down?

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