Project Description

Rob (30)

‘It provides such relief that I can approach my days a little more positively

What problems do I encounter?
I experience a lot of distrust from my traumas and I quickly fear that something bad will be done to me. Certain triggers cause my traumas from the past to reappear, which means that I can’t regulate my emotions and can’t calm or comfort myself. This can even be so bad that I hurt myself for example by beating myself hard in the stomach. Such situations often happen when shopping for groceries or when I feel rushed. Certain comments from people can also trigger me.

How does the Squease vest help me?
When I tried on the vest I immediately got a good feeling about it, without being triggered. It certainly gave me courage to start wearing it. Would this finally bring something positive and bring me peace? During the trial period I practiced with the vest a lot. I often get triggered around people but when I wear the squease vest, it dampens the intense emotions that are caused by the triggers. I feel a lot safer. I can go shopping with confidence. I don’t have to be so scared anymore that I get triggered in the store. If I still get triggered, the squease vest ensures that I calm down quicker than without the vest. It also affects my overall state of mind, because I’m not so stressed all the time. My support worker tells me that I am more relaxed and look happier when I open the door for them.

It is not a miracle vest, but it does provide such relief that I can approach my days a little more positively.”

– Rob

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