Project Description


‘When I’m anxious the vest makes me feel peaceful’

‘I cannot cope with busy environments’
I am a young man who lives in a studio flat where there is support 24 hours a day. I am often anxious. Sometimes life is extremely difficult for me. I’m often afraid that I’ll end up alone. In the place where I live now, I have only few friends that I can rely on. I have one very good friend and he is always there for me. Because I do not always understand my environment it can be very stressful. I cannot cope with busy environments. Sometimes my head feels like it is going to explode – there is so much going on – which causes problems.

‘Now I walk around with more confidence’
After consultation with mentor, I have tried a Squease vest. When I wear the vest, I feel relaxed and calm. When I become anxious, I increase the pressure. I like it when the vest is very tight around my body; it makes me feel calmer and I can handle everything better. I am also more aware of my posture and walk with my back straight, which is good because I normally tend to stoop (I look at the ground rather than looking up). Now I walk around with more confidence. I have now purchased the vest because it means so much to me. It is so easy to inflate. I worked out how it works really quickly. I’m very happy with my vest!!!

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less stressed/anxious?

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