Project Description

Rebekka (26)

‘I reduced my medication’

‘I began to notice falling asleep was easier if I wore the pressure vest’ 
I am Rebekka, 26 years old. I am a young married mother of the sweetest child in the world, living independently. No different then the average, you would think. But I am also a young woman with autism. In the beginning it was hard to notice if the vest had any influence or not. I did enjoy wearing the vest. After a week I began to notice falling asleep was easier if I wore the pressure vest an hour before I went to bed. I began using the vest at different moments, when I was tired or overstimulated and it was difficult to rest. As a result I felt my tolerance limits for over stimulation increase. So I can take better care for my baby.

‘Because of the vest I can reduce my medication’
I use the Squease vest for several months now. Because of the vest I can reduce my medication. I am very happy with this, because I would rather depend on a Squease vest than medication.The communication with Squease was very personal and involved. When I received the vest a little yellow post-it was included with a personal message. I really appreciated that. I would definitely recommend Squease to other people. Maybe you need some time to get used to the vest, just like I did. But I am very happy I gave the vest a chance and bought one. Meanwhile I also purchased a hooded top. The top is very comfortable, but it is a little hot. Too hot for my taste, so I need to wash it more often ; )

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less overstimulated?

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