Project Description

Physiotherapist Anne & Rosa

‘She has fewer meltdowns when she is overstimulated and she can regulate stimuli better’

‘The vest helps during exciting situations, busy moments and overstimulation’
In our practice we have several physiotherapists that are specialised in Sensory Integration. We have experienced that a vest can help children during exciting situations, busy moment and overstimulation in general. Squease can cuddle you until you feel safe and secure which literally keeps your feet on the ground.

‘She has both feet on the ground’
I helped Rosa (in the picture) to use her Squease vest. She has fewer meltdowns when she is overstimulated, can regulate stimuli better and doesn’t move as clumsy anymore.

Physiotherapist Anne Veel-de Vries

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less overstimulated?

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