Project Description


He can relax, concentrate better, is quieter..

‘We are really surprised that this vest can give him such peace’
Peter has had his vest for three weeks now and from day one it’s been a great success. 
This is a keeper ….! We are really surprised that this vest can give him such peace. We can clearly see Peter’s restlessness and see him looking for sensory input. However we can’t always see how he feels inside. He is the only one who really knows how he feels inside.

‘He is often over-stimulated’
During dinner, he covers his ears with his hands so he does not hear us chewing our food. After school he usually goes straight to his room with his headphones. When he is overwhelmed by everything, he shouts it too much for him. As a result, he finds a quiet place and often ends up having a migraine. Peter is a very happy and cheerful 10 year old boy who enjoys life. He has autism and has difficulties with sensory integration. This often stops him from doing the things he likes. He can quickly find situations too much, too busy, and too chaotic.

‘He can relax, concentrate better, is quieter..’ 
Now that he’s wearing the jacket, it’s like a weight has fallen from his shoulders. He can relax, concentrate better, is quieter and takes the time to finish things. At school he feels calmer in break times. He is able to concentrate on his schoolwork and sits quietly working on his homework. We really feel that in the last few weeks the vest has helped him to mature. He wears the jacket as soon as he wakes up and takes if off only when he is going to bed. He inflates it himself when he feel he needs it. And sometimes the teacher tells Peter that it might be useful for him to inflate the vest during a particular assignment or test at school. Our next goal is .. cycling to school.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you to prevent sensory overload?

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