Project Description

Nina (8)

‘In large crowds we put on the Squease vest and she calms down’

‘Nina suffers from a number of sensory integration problems’
Nina is an eight year old girl with Down’s syndrome. The world around her is full of stimuli that are not always easy for her to handle. Nina suffers from a number of sensory integration problems. It has been a real challenge to find out what could help her to relax. The Ikea “egg chair” was a godsend as she was able to dampen external stimuli by closing the cover of the chair. Holding her firmly is also nice for her but not always possible in our busy family.

‘Pushing, crying and grumbling visibly decreased’
Nina’s physiotherapist recommended that we try a Squease pressure vest. When the vest first arrived we had a little laugh, it was like a life jacket! It turned out to be a real salvation for Nina. Pushing, crying and grumbling visibly decreased. When she is in crowded places we put on her Squease vest, and she calms down. We call it her cuddle cardigan. From the first moment she put on the vest it calmed her down. That’s quite special for her, a clear confirmation to us that the vest is useful for Nina.

The photo of Nina shows her wearing one of our lovely pink coloured fronts, which one of her twin sisters won in a recent Squease Competition, she was so happy!

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you calm down?

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