Project Description


‘I can do more things with the vest, especially during multi-sensory moments’

‘By using Squease my brains remain in my body’
Sometimes, I’m wearing the vest Squease for many hours in a row, sometimes I’m not wearing it for a whole day. By using Squease my brains remain in my body. Without the pressure vest I feel that my brains are floating somewhere next to my head. Unconsciously I can do more things with the vest, especially during multi-sensory moments. I went to my cousins birthday party and without a vest I could have been there for max. an hour; with Squease I was there for 2 hours and 15 minutes!

‘Without the vest I would have become overstimulated’
Last year I went to an autism convention where I could borrow a Squease vest from the Squease crew. Because of that I was able to make it to the end of the convention day. Without the vest I would have become overstimulated. Sometimes I compare the Squease vest to hugging a cow: the pressure that a cow can give with his head feels as nice as the pressure that a Squease vest gives me.

‘I hardly need medication anymore’
A while ago I was using the medicine Oxazepam 2 to 3 three times per month. But now I hardly ever need to use it anymore because of the Squease vest. It’s easier better because Oxazepam causes long-term side effects, while I can use the Squease vest whenever I like to use it. And I don’t need medication anymore.

‘I was able to stay relaxed’
One of my hobbies is playing the marimba. Recently, I had a practical exam. In the same building a wedding was going on and there was a baby in the stairwell, crying very loud. That’s a lot of stimulations at the same time! However, with a little more air in my vest Squease the exam went great and I was able to play relaxed.

Watch the video of Miriam during the second part of her exam.

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