Project Description

Micha (8)

‘He now goes to school without a fight and it’s not as tiring for him anymore’

‘It used to be tough getting him to go to school every day’
Micha finds it very difficult to process stimuli. Going to school is very hard for him because it’s an overload of stimuli for him. Every day it’s a battle to get him to go to school and a school week is too exhausting for him. Micha has been wearing his vest for two months now and he wears his vest to school all day. Sometimes I forget to lay out his vest for him in the morning and when I do he always asks for it himself. He inflates the vest himself whenever he wants and he also deflates it himself. He does this multiple times a day at school. It helps him to deal with the busy environment at school and it helps him concentrate.

‘I never imagined the vest could help him this much!’
It also makes him feel safe. When he comes home from school he always take off his vest because home is a safe place for him where he can go to his room when it gets too busy downstairs. The kids in his class find his vest cool and interesting. He just wears his vest over his clothes. It is an investment but for Micha it’s definitely worth it! Micha now goes to school without struggling in the morning and it’s not as tiring for him!! I never expected that the vest would help him this much! We’re super happy with it.

Hugs, Anna

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