Project Description

Marthe (4)

‘Marthe can empty her buzzy mind more quickly’

‘Stressful situations are often paired with stomach aches, restless or overactive behaviour’
Our Marthe has had her ‘hug-vest’ for about a year now. When she turned 3 years old, the doctors diagnosed her with autism. Marthe also appeared to be tactile hyposensitive. In stressful situations and with big pressure Marthe looks for stimulation like touching, holding, hugging or jumping on her mom. These busy moments are often paired with stomach aches, restless or overactive behaviour. Ever since she was 6 months old she didn’t sleep peacefully. The night consisted of only a few hours of sleep and numerous nightmares.

‘With her pressure vest, Marthe is a lot calmer when she is over-stimulated’
When she is wearing her vest and gets extra pressure, her stomach ache disappears quicker. Marthe is also a lot calmer when she is over-stimulated, so she can empty her mind quicker. The vest is often worn during family getaways or school activities. Usually she puts on the vest at the start of an activity. Once she has found her wat and her head has calmed down again, her ‘hug-vest’ can be taken off. Often we have to offer it to her, but once she wears it we notice a beneficial effect very quickly.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less overstimulated?

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