Project Description


‘I feel more self-confident’

‘I inflate my vest when I feel overwhelmed’
I wear my Squease vest under my clothes the whole day and I inflate it when I feel overwhelmed. In some situations I even inflate the vest in advance (e.g. shopping, bringing kids to kindergarten , crowded streets, small-talk-situations with other parents). By now I inflate the vest less often, as I know the vest could help me to come down, if I need to.

‘I used to avoid several activities, now I’m more active and less anxious’
Before I had the Squease I avoided several activities, just because I feared the consequences of overstimulation. The squease vest gave me self-confidence, as the calming effects of the vest helped my head to get over overstimulation and give this nice fluffy-cotton-feeling. I feel unburdened. I will not become a super-small-talk-party-girl, but I enjoy being more active again! It really feels like I have a parachute now and that’s why I feel more self-confident and less anxious. That’s why I’m more active now: instead of fearing unknown situations, now I can see myself doing some exploration (museums or even sometimes little children party’s / street festivals).

‘It’s as different as night and day!’
I can handle my everyday life in a better way, so that I’m not completely burned out and bad-tempered in the afternoon. My husband said: “It’s as different as night and day!”. So, thank you once more! I hope more HSP’s discover the Squease vest so it can help them to handle the dark side of HSP.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you to prevent sensory overload?

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