Project Description

Kevin (33)

‘I don’t get lost in the overload of stimuli that cause stress anymore’ 

‘I sense some kind of peace in my head when I wear it’
The first experience is weird, but in a good way. While inflating the vest I feel a warm pressure coming up in my chest. Also, I sense some kind of peace in my head that makes me much more aware of myself and less aware of the disturbing stimuli around me. The vest itself is comfortable to wear, it does not weigh much and it has a solid finish. The pump has an immediate therapeutic effect on me; it’s the same kind of feeling that I have when I’m using my Tangle.

‘I am much more aware of myself’ 
The stressful stimuli didn’t go away, but I perceived them differently. Because of the pressure the vest exerts on my body, I am much more aware of myself. I don’t get lost in the overload of stimuli that cause stress anymore. This self-consciousness gives a sense of protection and that feeling already starts when I put on the Squease vest, because I knew that from that moment on I would be able to control stressful situations.

‘I use it when traveling on the train’
Perhaps the best experience I’ve had so far was after a very intensive journey by train from the north of The Netherlands back to the south. There were some train delays because of planned construction work, so I had to take the bus for the last part of my trip. When I got home, I deflated the vest. My body fell back into reality and that was a very nice experience after this long and stressful trip.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less stressed/anxious?

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