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Keano (6)

‘Keano is growing in self-confidence and everything seems to be getting easier for him’

‘Keano had troubles with sensory processing’
31 March 2015 was a special day for Keano. He met with Robert de Hoog from Squease. After a fun, clear, but mostly informative conversation about the Squease vest, Keano could try one on. Looking back, you could see he responded immediately. We agreed on renting a vest first and buy one when it was working.
Keano had troubles with sensory processing and is being treated for AD(H)D and trauma. At the same time Keano also suffered from respiratory and lung problems. Because of his lack of confidence, he is somewhat insecure and shuts down fairly quickly. During a consultation with one of the treating doctors we started talking about when Keano calms down, being outside (rarely), sleeping. (Read: Keano has never in 6 years slept through the night.) I was saying that Keano gets calmer when he gets hugged (tightly), sitting on your lap or when he cuddles up against you. The treating doctor started laughing softly and told me that I might have to think about a weighted vest or a pressure vest. She told me that medicine aren’t always the solution for treatment and that a weighted vest or pressure vest could be a possibility for supporting Keano with his medication.

‘He was already more quiet’
On the way home my eldest son noticed that Keano was really quiet in the back of the car. Keano, who always goes from left to right on the backseat and can’t keep quiet during a long nor short car trip. In the car, he’s always present. “Mom, is this because of his little vest?” my eldest son asked me. I had told them before “We shouldn’t expect results immediately…”

‘Keano had been focussing on something he would normally not have the patience for’
Keano went to school that day and the teacher told me that afternoon that Keano had been focussing on drawing, something he would normally not want to do nor have the patience for. The teacher thought that was a real improvement. “sure…”, was what I was thinking as a mother. Until that night when Keano was preparing to go to bed. He actually didn’t want to take off the Squease vest when he had to take a bath!

‘He fell asleep within 5 minutes’
Once in bed, with his vest, he fell asleep within 5 minutes. It has been a battle for 6 years to get him to bed and, in particular, to get him to sleep. The special part about that night, on that specific day in March, was that Keano slept for 12 hours straight. Something that was completely new to me as a parent! Since that they there hasn’t been a day where he didn’t sleep for an average of 10 to 12 hours.

‘He feels more comfortable in his skin’
Keano has since gained 3 kilograms in weight and he hasn’t been sick recently Keano’s is growing in self-confidence and everything seems to be getting easier for him. Things like playing by himself, starting conversations and even daring to jump on a trampoline all by himself! Something Keano has never dared to do. Also his AD(H)D medicine has been decreased and he now uses only half the amount of puffs for his asthma attacks. Not that everything is perfect now, but the pressure vest does give him a feeling of security and confidence. He does less hand-flapping and is more aware of the here and now. His direct environment: grandparents, acquaintances, teachers, doctors get to see an entire different Keano. That’s what makes it so special for me as a mom, that this vest makes such a difference with Keano.

‘Seeing your son gloat like that is what matters to me as a mother!’
Keano uses his vest at school when working on individual assignments and with less structural events such as Easter and Christmas. At home we use the vest for dinners, birthdays, rest moments and when it’s time to sleep. We agreed with Keano that he is allowed to wear his vest or keep his vest with him at all times. Like Keano says “I am glad with my cool vest, they cannot take it away from me!” Keano compares his vest to a police vest. He, of course, finds that amazing. Seeing your son gloat like that is what matters to me as a mother!

Thank you Squease,

A happy mom

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