Project Description

Johan (20)

‘I get through the day a lot easier with Squease’

‘It was easier to stay still during a presentation’
Usually when I listen to a presentation it’s hard for me not to start moving. This time I used my pressure vest and after 20 to 30 minutes I noticed that my arms and legs kind of started to fall asleep. What actually happened was that my arms felt heavier and easily remained  still on the armrest and my legs.

‘This time I didn’t feel scared, thanks to the pressure vest’
The other night I was walking the dog. I had the vest inflated during the biggest part of my walk. Usually I’m too scared to walk this route on my own, because it’s very dark out there. This time I didn’t feel scared, thanks to the pressure vest.

‘It makes me less stressed in the supermarket’
After entering the supermarket, I read my little shopping list just one more time. After that, I decided I was going to get the products that were closest to me. That went much better than my last shopping trip without the pressure vest. That time, I got the products from the list one by one, which means that I had to walk through the entire supermarket a couple of times. I even walked three or four times through the same aisle, only for one product. I wear the pressure vest at least once a day. I’m so glad to have it and I think that it makes me less stressed. I get through the day a lot easier with Squease.

Johan kept a record of his experience with Squease in his first 26 days, more photos and the full story experience can be read here.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less stressed/anxious?

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