Project Description

Jennifer (22)

‘I can use the vest whenever I want and no one sees I’m wearing it’

I’m Jennifer and I have autism. Next to autism I also have sensory integration problems and McDD (Multiple Complex Developmental Disorder). This all doesn’t make life easy for me.

‘The pressure makes me feel safe’
When I heard of the pressure vest I didn’t hesitate for a second to try it out. It immediately worked for me, so it’s a good investment. The deep pressure makes me calmer and less scared, and I can focus better which makes me understand things other people say better. Usually, words are puzzle pieces to me which are hard to piece together. When I don’t understand what someone is trying to say I always get very anxious. I then immediately inflate my pressure vest and I quickly calm down and get a hold of the situation. The pressure makes me feel safer which makes me walk away from situations a lot less.

‘The vest helps me get through a lot of tough moments every day’
I’ve been using the vest for a year now and I still use it daily. It helps me get through a lot of tough moments every day. I struggle to process stimulus like sounds around you, that enter your head all at the same time. My “filter button” doesn’t work well, so I have a constant busy mind which makes me restless and makes it hard to focus. After a busy day of school or a bus trip I’m super tired, so I’m always really happy to get home so I can put on my headphones to block everything out. The combination of the pressure vest and my headphones works best to calm me down.

‘No one can see it’
I always keep to strict patterns and every step I take has to go the same way. Changes can make me panic completely. In times like that I shut down and I often hurt myself. Then when I pump up my vest I calm down a lot quicker and I feel safer. An another big plus: no one can see that I’m wearing the pressure vest, so I can use it whenever I want!

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less stressed/anxious?

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