Project Description


The pressure of the deep pressure vest literally ‘keeps me in my body’

‘My concentration improved significantly’
Recently I have been diagnosed with classic autism. In everyday life I have difficulties pocessing sensory information, I face concentration problems, I find it hard to go from one activity to another and I quickly lose the boundaries of my body. Whilst using Squease my concentration improved significantly. The pressure of the deep pressure vest literally ‘keeps me in my body’, a pleasant and safe feeling! The garment makes it easier for me to start a new activity. It is also nice that I can change the pressure whenever I want to.

‘I use Squease to feel my normal self again’
I used Squease in several situations that are difficult for me. One morning an acquaintance of mine dropped by unexpectedly, when I had just started doing some admin work, an activity that I find very difficult. I had not talked to him for a long time and so could not bring myself to say that I did not have time. We talked for one hour at the front door, an enormous effort for me! After he left, I put on my Squease immediately and fully inflated the vest, so that I could feel myself again. Without Squease, I would have had to move around a lot to get ‘back into my body’ and feel calm again. A day that starts like that would normally be a lost day. Now, however, through the pressure, I even managed to pick up my admin work again.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you to prevent sensory overload?

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