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Janneke van den Brink

‘I can’t work without Squease anymore!’

‘Everytime that I make my patients try a Squease vest, I get positive results’
Ever since my study in Occupational therapy, I learned about the so-called weighted vests and weighted blankets. For some people these can be very helpful, but quite annoying to others. Soon after I started my own practice, I came to know about the Squease vests. Full of expectations, I ordered one to try it out. Succesfully! In fact, everytime that I make my patients try a Squease vest, I get positive results. I can’t work without Squease anymore!

‘Children are more quiet at school and can concentrate better’
I use Squease in my practice office during therapy, but I also give it to kids to try it out at home or at school. People are positive about the Squease vests, because instead of pressure on the shoulders, there’s pressure on the whole upper body. I’ve noticed that children are more quiet at school, have a better posture and can concentrate better.

In consultation with the teacher, the parents and the child it is determined when the vest will be inflated and by whom. Because even though the Squease system works really well, for some children it’s hard to show how tight the vest should be inflated. Just by having several people involved, this problem can be solved so those children can benefit from it too. I have been using Squease for almost a year now in my practice and I think there are already five families who decided to purchase the vest. It takes some time to figure out how the child can fully benefit from it, but it’s definitely worth the try! Because if it works, everyone is happy!

Janneke van den Brink
J.W. Ergotherapie

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you concentrate better?

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