Project Description

Jamie & Lion

‘The right amount of squish at just the right time. splendid

‘Squishing pressure helps us to feel calmer’
The concept of the Squease jacket is simple. In a nutshell many people on the autism spectrum (and with related conditions like ADHD and dyslexia) benefit from deep pressure. Squishing pressure helps us to feel calmer, more in control and more aware of ourselves and our bodies. Think of it like you really need a good hug, but all the time.

‘I often feel like i am floating apart’
It’s hard to explain how it feels to be “me” sometimes. When it comes to sensory things i can be hard to explain. I often feel like i am “floating apart”, sometimes its not a bad feeling (i can walk around feeling like a cloud rather than an object, very wooshy) but other times it is the most disturbing feeling ever. When i am tired or stressed the feeling is amplified. Trying to focus on something when i feel like am floating apart is very very hard.

‘The vest stops me from feeling like a floaty cloud’
The purpose of the vest is to apply just the right amount of pressure so that i can feel calm. It is reassuring pressure which allows me to focus and feel more together. The vest is astonishingly effective. It stops me from feeling like a floaty cloud and makes me feel like a single Jamie again

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