Project Description

Occupational Therapist Hayley

‘I highly recommend Squease vests to parents now!’

My name is Hayley, I am an Occupational Therapist working with the paediatric population.

‘Children really benefit from Squease’
I have ordered Squease Vests from Squeasewear recently and the children really benefit from them. As an OT, I always strive for the child to be independent. Therefore, I am really impressed that the Squease vest enables a child to self regulate by using the pump themselves to inflate and deflate the vest.

‘The vest works calming’
The children for who I have ordered them previously have severe Autism, the vests are durable and there is always the option of buying spare parts. The vests are discreet and fit neatly under a school uniform. The action of squeezing the pump also acts as a ‘stress ball/squeeze ball’ which also provides calming and proprioceptive input. It is great that you can purchase extendable straps, so that the child does not grow out of the vest too quickly.

I highly recommend Squease vests to parents now and find the staff extremely helpful when ordering and aftercare.


Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you calm down?

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