Project Description

Geke (49)

‘After nearly 50 years my head and body are finally peaceful. Amazing!’

(ADHD and mild form of Autism)

‘It’s peaceful in my head and you can tell from my body as well’
I think theat the vest suits me very well! It’s peaceful in my head and you can tell from my body as well. The first time I inflated the vest it immediately felt as if my mom was giving me a hug, just like when I was little. Delightful! Just before that I was shaking from all the tension that was building up inside me, but after 2 minutes I felt the tension flowing from my body. I was surprised.

‘I think I would be turning mad without this vest’
I’ve lost my voice for about a month now and I couldn’t express my ADHD (I normally do that through singing and dancing) which made me restless. At night most of the tension releases and I will start sleep walking. I am an extreme sleepwalker and sometimes I wake up completely dressed. My ‘inner housewife’ (as I like to call her) even does the laundry when I sleep. At the moment I don’t do that and I wake up feeling rested. I am tired from being hoarse, but I still feel more rested than I have in years. I think I would be turning mad without this vest.

‘My anxiety was gone within 15 minutes’
Iit was amazing that I could wear my vest this week during my nightly ADHD attacks. Normally I would roam around for hours because of my inner turmoil. I usually wake up tensed and panicked when a storm is coming. I would wait until the storm would start and with moving around the panic and anxiety subsides. Now it was gone within 15 minutes, something that had never happened before, and I could continue sleeping (until the next storm).

‘My mind and body are finally peaceful’
I noticed that I really missed singing, I couldn’t express myself. With the vest I somehow am able to lose my energy. I don’t get it, but I love it. After a month, I’m still really happy with my Squease vest. My mind and body are finally peaceful. Finally… What an amazing feeling! I purchased the vest. It is an amazing product, something I tell people all the time. When I get my voice back, I will definitely visit.

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