Project Description


‘She carries out tasks she would not have dared to do without the vest’

‘The vest helped reducing her level of stress’
(Chris’ mother) Chris has worn the jacket every day to school during the trial period. The vest helped her at school, reducing the level of stress she felt when doing schoolwork. Chris says she was now able to carry out tasks that she would otherwise not have dared to do. At school she often kept the vest inflated; she didn’t like to deflate the vest in the classroom due to the little sound it makes [when deflating]. She would deflate it during break times.

‘It helps with concentration, confidence and sleep’
Surprisingly (to us), Chris liked to use the vest to fall asleep. In combination with a weighted blanket on her legs, she says it helped her to structure her thoughts. For Chris, the vest hasn’t helped to cope better with overstimulating environments with lots of noise and sound. It helps more with concentration, confidence and sleep.

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you feel less stressed or more confident?

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