Project Description

Charlie and his mum Cheryll

‘You have no idea (or you might haha) what a life changer the vest has been, for our whole family.

“Since Charlie was 8 months old our life consisted of hospital visits, tube feeding, nighty visits to the emergency room, therapists and psychologists.

No one could figure out what it was and everything was medically excluded. What started as a suspected eating disorder (due to him drying out multiple times) it gradually shifted towards doctors suspecting ASD.

A sweet, attentive customer and occupational therapist who was at our house saw Charlie and said: something’s wrong with his sensory processing. From that point on we started looking for a specialized OT and she immediately started a trial with the pressure vest.

Within 1 week we had a completely different child. He ate better, had fewer meltdowns (and they weren’t as bad when they did happen!) and less panic attacks. He finally got a diagnosis, four years after his first hospitalization. We’ve been using the vest for a year now and since then it has all gone uphill with our son! Every now and then we’re able to visit a (small) birthday party and since September he’s been going to a regular primary school.

I have no idea where we would’ve been without this attentive customer, but we’re eternally thankful to her, our OT and the Squease vest. And a big thank you to Sheraz and Katrien, the developers of the vest!”

– Cheryll

Curious to try if a pressure vest can help you process sensory input?

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