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Entrepreneur (29)

The Squease vest helps me to stay calm and helps me listen to myself better

‘A burn-out’
As an entrepreneur with employees I managed to get a burn-out in 2014. The clear reason for my burn-out was that I worked too much. What I discovered later during a haptonomy course (an approach that focuses on affective personal well-being) was that it also happened because of the type of work I do and because of the effect my work has on me. Especially identifying the effect my work has on me is not my strongest point. During the 2 year course I got better at listening to my feelings but it’s still something I have to do very consciously. I often fall back into focussing too much on work and losing myself and my feelings in the process.

‘I now stay calmer and stay more “in my body” than “in my head”
From the beginning of my burn-out I knew Squease. Weirdly enough it almost took me 2 years to realise that Squease was interesting for me as well. Finally, I also struggle to close myself off from the world and the sensory stimuli around me and to focus on my internal world. Only after a week it seemed to be true: the vest helps me to stay closer to myself. When I wear my vest I stay calmer and stay more “in my body” than “in my head”.  Because of that I’m able to identify when I’m about to go too far. After a period of intensive and sporadic use, I can conclude that the vest helps me to stay on the right track. Only using the vest isn’t enough but it’s a good addition to my pro-active revalidation.

‘I can start my mornings calmer and learned to listen to myself’
I currently only use the vest in the mornings during busy weeks. When I notice I wake up too stressed, I wear my vest as soon as a can when I get out of the shower. It helps me to calm down and to look at my upcoming day more realistically. Because the effect of the vest lasts long, I get to work in a more healthy state. Business is going well at the moment, which, next to fun activities, also results in stress. Next to that, I have also started a process of learning the underlying meanings of my feelings. I wouldn’t have been able to face both developments without learning to listen to myself better. The Squease vest definitely helped me in this process and still does!

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