Squease vests for kids

Father helping son with a Squease Children's Pressure Vest XS XXS
Squease Kids and Childrens Pressure Vest XS XXS
Back of Squease Kids pressure vest showing ventilation holes

Children use their vests to help

  • Fall asleep more quickly
  • Avoid meltdowns
  • Feel less anxious about big events
  • Focus on school tasks
  • Visit a supermarket
  • Have dinner with the family

  • Play with other kids
  • Go to a birthday party
  • Calm a restless or busy mind

Two sizes (XXS and XS) for children between the ages of 4 and 10

To pick the right size Squease kids vest have a look at our sizing page

Marthe and her Squease vest


“Marthe can empty her mind quicker” – Marthe’s (4) parents

stomach ache disappears… >

Squease helps Daan concentrating

No more distractions

“When Daan (10) wears the pressure vest we see a much calmer boy.”

concentration at school… >

Isis showing her Squease kids vest

Sweet dreams

“I didn’t know that I was so tired all this time.” – Isis (8)

sleeping bliss… >

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Wessel wearing a Squease kids vest

Isabel wearing a Squease kids vest

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Our kids vests are designed differently from the larger sizes

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