Five Squease pressure vest sizes

Sizes XXS and XS for children between 4 and 10.
Sizes small, medium and large for teenagers and adults.

To get the right fit and best results, select your size carefully

  • Wear a thin shirt when taking your measurements.

  • Measure your height (i.e. how tall you are) and chest size.

  • For the chest size, measure the circumference of the fullest part of your chest.

  • The vest design is short so you can comfortably move around, sit down and breath.

  • When the vest worn is too big it won’t provide enough deep pressure to be effective.


Please note you can make a pressure vest bigger with the extension straps

  • The Squease vests are designed according to standard clothing sizing. However, if you feel that you need the vest to be a bit wider at the waist we recommend adding extension straps to your order. The set contains of 4 rectangular pieces with Velcro which can make your vest bigger.

  • Does the sizing chart show you need a “size+“? Please order the extension straps.

  • Select the extension straps in the same size as your vest.

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Squease extension straps

The extension sets contains four pieces with Velcro to enable you to make your vest bigger.

Kids pressure vest without and with straps

Pressure vest without and with straps

Is your child growing fast? Don’t panic!

The pressure vests can be made bigger with extension straps before you need a size up. Has your child outgrown the vest please check out our trade-in discount offers.

Check out our discounts when you trade in your old vest for a new / bigger one >>>

Squease hooded tops




Please choose the same sized hoody as your pressure vest. E.g. a small hoody for a small vest.