Rental Vest

From: £60.00

Rental Vest Top

Your personal hug. Do you feel restless, anxious or overstimulated? The hug-like pressure gives a calming, safe and secure feeling and helps you cope with stressful and stimuli-rich situations. To trial the Squease pressure vest the rental price starts at £30 per week. It becomes cheaper if you rent the vest for longer. See below for a full price breakdown.

  • 2 Weeks  £60 total   (£30 per week)
  • 4 Weeks  £80 total  (£20 per week)
  • 6 Weeks  £100 total (£16.67 per week)

When you decide to buy the vest after the renting period, anything paid will be deducted from the price of purchasing a vest.

To get the right fit and best results, it is important to select your vest size carefully from the sizing table.

Size XXS has a delivery time of 8 weeks. All other sizes have a delivery time of 3 weeks.


Rental Extension Straps – optional

Every pressure vest has velcro straps to allow you to tighten or widen the vest, so that you can get the Squease vest to fit you perfectly. If you would like to widen the vest further then you can rent a set of four extra velcro extension straps (retail price £18). Check our sizing chart here to see if you need the straps.