Your personal hug. Do you feel restless, anxious or overstimulated? The hug-like pressure gives a calming, safe and secure feeling and helps you cope with stressful and stimuli-rich situations. To trial the Squease pressure vest the rental price starts at £30 per week. It becomes cheaper if you rent the vest for longer. See below for a full price breakdown.

  • 2 Weeks  £60 total   (£30 per week)
  • 4 Weeks  £80 total  (£20 per week)
  • 6 Weeks  £100 total (£16.67 per week)

When you decide to buy the vest after the renting period, anything paid will be deducted from the price of purchasing a vest.

To get the right fit and best results, it is important to select your vest size carefully from the sizing table.

Size XXS has a delivery time of 8 weeks. All other sizes have a delivery time of 3 weeks.