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Every pressure vest has velcro straps to allow you to tighten or widen the vest, so that you can get the Squease vest to fit you perfectly. If you would like to widen the vest further then you can rent a set of four extra velcro extension straps (retail price £18). Check our sizing chart here to see if you need the straps.

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The package includes four extension straps.

Is the pressure vest a little too tight? The four extension straps enable you to make your vest wider, for a perfect fit.

For sizes Small, Medium and Large, the four straps on the side make it possible to widen the vest around the chest and waist. The two larger extension straps attach to the upper side straps, and the two smaller extension straps attach to the lower side straps.

For sizes XS and XXS, there are two straps for the sides and two  for the shoulder straps. With these extension straps both the width and height of the vest can be adjusted.

You should only order the same size of straps as the vest size that you are purchasing. So small straps for a small vest, XS straps for an XS vest etc.. For more information about sizes, please visit our sizing page

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XXS, XS, Small, Medium, Large