Kids Vest: size XXS/XS


Your child’s personal hug. Does your child feel restless, anxious or over-stimulated? The hug-like pressure gives a calming, safe and secure feeling. For kids who have buzzing brains, find it hard to concentrate at school or have difficulties sleeping.

 To get the right fit and best results, it is important to select your vest size carefully from the sizing table.

Size XXS has a delivery time of 8 weeks. All other sizes have a delivery time of 3 weeks from your order date.

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This lightweight, inflatable pressure vest is suitable for children aged between 4-7 (size XXS) and 7-10 years old (size XS). Each vest comes with a hand pump and pump release valve. The pump release valve allows you to remove the hand pump, while the vest is inflated.

The kids’ vests have a different design to the larger vests, with a soft fabric front, inflatable back and adjustable shoulder straps. The feeling of pressure is similar but the more flexible fabric front enables the kids to play and move more freely. The shoulder straps offer adjustability for a better fit around the shoulders.

Click here for pressure vests for teenagers and adults.

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Navy Blue


Back: Nylon, Front: Polyamide

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