Interested in becoming a Squease Ambassador?

Therapists who think deep pressure may help their clients can now try it out for free by becoming a Squease Ambassador.

As a Squease ambassador you will get:

  • UNLIMITED free trials for your clients

  • £24 discount for your clients vests

  • £50 discount on your vests

  • FREE set of extension straps (£18)

What is a Squease ambassador?
Squease ambassadors are therapists, experienced in sensory processing and deep pressure, who can provide their clients guidance when using the Squease vest. They use the vests to trial with children or adults they think may benefit from deep pressure.

The Squease ambassador programme
We set up this programme after many requests from therapists asking for trials to see how their clients would benefit from using Squease. At the same time we have found families, keen to use Squease, wanting hands on guidance from a therapist close to home.

Occupational therapist Anja:
“I often lend out vests to see if it helps children with sensory processing. Sometimes their behaviour changes astonishingly.”

Physiotherapist Anne:
“In our practice we experienced that a vest can help children during exciting or busy situations and overstimulation in general.”

Theo and his therapist discuss how he uses Squease to help focus during therapy sessions

Occupational therapist Nancy:
“With the pressure vest my client Theo has a better focus. It helps him at school and he says he experiences more peace now.”

Get a free 1-month trial with 2 Squease pressure vests to try with your clients and see how Squease helps!

How to become a Squease ambassador?
We appreciate that you need to experience for yourself how a Squease vest can help, before deciding on becoming an ambassador. So we offer interested therapists a free 4 week trial with 1 or 2 pressure vests.

Once you are happy with the vest and would like to become a Squease ambassador, we ask that you purchase at least one vest. You can use the vest as a demo vest with your clients allowing them to experience the benefits of Squease. On each demo vest you purchase you will receive a £50 discount and a free set of extension straps (worth £18). The straps make your vest larger so that more of your clients will fit the vest and experience what it feels like to get a soothing Squease hug.

Become a Squease ambassador and make use of all the benefits

Unlimited free 2-week trials with your clients
When you have a client who would benefit from a Squease vest you can request a free 2 week trial. Giving your client the opportunity to test the vest in situations they find difficult and truly find out whether Squease works for them. The only small cost to be aware of is the return postage if your client does not find the vest as effective as hoped (usually less than £5 on a signed for service).

Your clients get a £24 discount when purchasing a Squease vest
If your client finds the vest beneficial and chooses to keep it, they will get a £24 discount. The discounts are detailed in the table below and it is worth bearing in mind that almost all clients do not have to pay VAT (Read about Squease and VAT relief here).

A Squease deep pressure vest + set of extension straps worth £263 for £195
For any future purchases of Squease vests for your practice you will continue to receive a £50 discount and free extension straps worth £18.

Discount offer for: Squease product Discount (incl VAT) Price (incl VAT) Price (excl VAT)
Squease ambassador Pressure vest + straps -£68 £263 £195 £219 £162
Client Pressure vest -£24 £245 £221 £204 £187

Interested in becoming a Squease ambassador?

We would love to hear from you! Leave your details below and we will get in touch. If you want to discuss anything then give us a call 0203 695 9337 or send an email to Sheraz at