Squease vest product features

  • inflatable
  • lightweight
  • comfortable pressure
  • thin discreet profile
  • use anywhere and anytime
  • easy to use
  • full pressure control
  • adjustable size
  • easy to clean

There are two types of Squease pressure vests.

Check out the differences below. To find out which size is for you, go to our sizing page.

General features for all vest sizes


Lightweight – Squease is an inflatable pressure vest. Unlike weighted vests or weighted blankets, no weights are used, making it comfortable to wear all day long and be used where ever and when ever it is needed.


Velcro adjustable straps – Adjustable straps on both sides of the vest ensure a good fit for different body shapes. When not inflated, the vest sits loosely around the wearer’s body and does not apply pressure.


Thin profile – Even when inflated the pressure vest maintains a thin, discreet profile so it will be barely visible when you wear it under a sweater or shirt. For some users this is important as they are able to receive the sensation of pressure they want, without drawing unwanted attention in public situations.


Pump with safety valve – The hand pump is robust, simple to use and enables you to get exactly the amount of pressure you desire. The pump has a built-in safety valve, which limits the maximum pressure level of the vest and allows you to have full pressure control.


Pump release valve – Every vest comes with a pump release valve. It allows the vest to remain inflated when the hand pump is removed. Which is important for some users who can find the pump distracting.


Velcro expander straps – The vest can be made wider with extension straps to accommodate different body sizes.


Zip garage – The vest has soft edging and a fabric garage for the zip hanger to prevent irritation to the skin.


Ventilation holes – Small holes throughout the vest allow for ventilation.


Brand label – The hand pump’s tubing can be tucked under the Squease label, keeping it out of the way but ready to use.

Special features for the kids vests

Sizes XXS and XS for children from 4 to 10 years old.

Our kids vest have a comfortable fabric front and an inflatable back to allow maximum flexibility when playing.


Safety valve – The Squease kids vests have a second safety valve which limits the maximum achievable pressure level.


Velcro adjustable shoulder straps – In addition to the side straps the kids vest have adjustable shoulder straps. These enable a good fit across the upper body for young children.


Pocket to store valve – When the pump is detached the pump release valve can be stored neatly in the side pocket.

Special features for vest sizes small, medium and large

Pressure vests for teenagers and adults.

These sizes can be zipped inside a Squease hooded top.

Squease vest for teenagers and adults zipped into a Squease hooded top

Zip inside a Squease hoody – The pressure vest is designed to fit perfectly inside a Squease hooded top, combining the two items into one garment.

Bart showing a Squease vest for teenagers and adults

Inflatable front – The small, medium and large vests have both an inflatable front and back.


Elastic parts – Elastic strips run along the sides of the vest, allowing movement, even when the vest is inflated so that the wearer may breathe comfortably.

Squease hooded top features for sizes small, medium and large

Squease hooded tops are available in three colours: grey, petrol and blue.

Zip in your pressure vest and wear them as a single garment.


Zip in your pressure vest – When you wear your vest inside a Squease hoody it will be barely visible. Whether inflated or deflated, the pressure vest maintains a low profile.


Pump in front pocket – The hand pump may be stowed neatly in the front pocket of the hoody. Allowing easy access so you can inflate and deflate your vest without anyone noticing.

Blue Squease hoodie for teenagers and adults

Soft material – For the Squease hoody we use an extra soft fabric. The top has fabric garages for all zips and no itchy labels in the neck to prevent irritation to the skin.

The pressure vests and hoodies can be ordered in our webshop.