How to use a Squease vest?

How to use a Squease vest?

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Most frequently asked questions

It’s not possible to over inflate the Squease vest with a Squease hand pump. For the safety of the user, the hand pump has a built-in valve, which limits the maximum pressure level the vest can be inflated to. The Squease Kids vests have a second safety valve built into the vest to ensure a safe pressure limit is not exceeded.

DO NOT inflate the pressure vest with any device other than pumps supplied by Squease Ltd.

For best results inflate the pressure vest for up to 20 minutes at a time and then deflate it for a minimum of 20 minutes before inflating it again. This will prevent your body from becoming desensitised to the pressure. By alternating between periods of inflation and deflation, you will ensure that your body experiences a similar response to deep pressure each time.

20 minutes of inflation is a guideline based on observations made by Occupation Therapists, but you may prefer to have the pressure applied for shorter or longer periods of time. Experiment with the duration of applying pressure to determine an optimal length of time for you. If you find that you want to keep your vest inflated for longer than 20 minutes – for example for the duration of a longer stress-inducing activity – you will not experience any harm in keeping the vest inflated for a longer period.

Pressure vest
The pressure vest can be wiped with a damp cloth or hand washed with mild soap in cold-lukewarm water. Air-dry in a shaded place. Before you start cleaning your vest, disconnect the hand pump with the pump release valve, so that no water can accidentally get into the vest.

DO NOT machine wash or tumble dry.
DO NOT wash with detergent, solvents or hot water.
DO NOT dry clean or iron.
DO NOT hang garment on radiators, expose to flame or use artificial heat to dry.
DO NOT stitch through or make alterations to the pressure vest.
DO NOT sew, stitch or mend. Keep away from sharp objects.

Hooded top
Before you wash you hooded top, detach your pressure vest from the hooded top and empty the pockets. Wash inside out with similar colours on a delicate machine wash cycle with the water temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Air-dry in a shaded place.

DO NOT bleach.
DO NOT tumble dry.

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