Watch our ‘How to use Squease’ animation and read the user manual to get the best results. The evaluation booklet can help you to evaluate the beneficial effects of the vest on your day-to-day challenges. Our complete guide on how to use Squease is here.

How to use Squease

Here’s a short version of the instructions:

  • You may find it more comfortable to wear your Squease pressure vest over a T-shirt.
  • Fully fasten the zip. Fasten the VELCRO straps so that the vest fits loosely when deflated and delivers a comfortable, deep pressure when inflated. It is recommended to start with a gap of two to three finger-widths between the front of the vest and the body.
  • Squeeze the hand-pump repeatedly to inflate the vest, until you feel a comfortable, firm pressure. Deflate the vest with the air release button on the hand-pump.
  • For the safety of the user, the hand pump has a built-in valve, which limits the maximum pressure level of the vest. The Squease kids vests have a second safety valve which releases over-pressure. So you can never inflate your vest too far.
  • To remove the hand pump after inflating the vest, fully depress the push button on the pump release socket and pull. The vest will remain inflated!
  • For best results inflate the pressure vest for up to 20 minutes at a time and then deflate it for a minimum of 20 minutes before inflating it again.You may prefer to have the pressure applied for shorter or longer periods of time. There is no harm in keeping the vest inflated for a longer period.
  • Before introducing Squease in your daily routine, think about when you feel most stressed, anxious or when you experience sensory overload.
  • Introduce the Squease pressure vest gradually, as it provides a form of stimulation that may require some getting used to.
  • If you are supporting a young Squease user or person with learning disabilities, guide them by giving hints on when to inflate and deflate the vest, but always taking direction from them.
  • The lightweight vest may be worn throughout the day under your regular clothing or zipped into a Squease hooded top, so that it can be inflated as and when required.
  • If you are in doubt or new to using deep pressure techniques, please consult an Occupational Therapist or medical professional, who is familiar with this technique.