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Rick (10)

‘I like to wear it mom, the vest makes me calm!’

(Rick’s mother) Rick has been using the vest for six months now and it’s a real relief for both Rick and us, his parents. Rick wears the vest during fixed parts of the day, during dinner and directly after school to make the transition easier. He indicates when he wants to wear it all by himself. Including when he is restless even if that isn’t noticeable for us. We also suggest using the vest when something unexpected is about to happen. Even when Rick is calm and on days without any activities he will wear the vest at least 2 times, just to prevent restlessness.

He wears it at school, during classes that he finds difficult, after gym or during crafts. The first time at school was very exciting. What will the other kids say? He wears it without hooded top and the kids think it’s a cool police vest!

Rick wears it anywhere between 20 minutes to a few hours. He tells us when it is enough. ‘I like to wear it mom, the vest makes me calm!’ Rick has become calmer so we take the vest everywhere. A great investment, it’s certainly worth a try!

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