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Isis (8)

‘Isis sleeps better at night now’

(Isis’ parents) Ever since she was born Isis couldn’t sleep through the night, apart from a 3-year period of swaddling. When we swaddled her, she slept fairly well. But only if the swaddling cloths remained firmly on during the night. As she grew older, the problem increased. Sometimes she woke us up six times a night and that was a good night for us. More often, she woke us up 10 to 15 times every night. She regularly stayed awake for hours and sometimes even the whole night. Very exhausting for all of us, since we still had to manage school and work.

The first night that Isis used Squease, we inflated the vest when Isis went to bed and deflated it when we went to bed. She woke up only three times that night. We couldn’t imagine this was really happening… was it just coincidence or not…? Night 2 she only woke up twice: does this really work? During night 3 and 4 she also woke up two times. We noticed that Isis wakes up within 1 to 1.5 hour after deflating the vest. But at least she isn’t awake for hours and she can go back to sleep quite easily. Night 5 we kept the pressure vest inflated for the whole night and Isis did sleep through the whole night. And the subsequent nights too.

Meanwhile, Isis is using the Squease vest for three weeks now and the result is overwhelming for all of us. Isis says: “I didn’t know that I was so tired all this time. I still feel tired, but different. Like I’m catching up on sleep.” We would like to start using the pressure vest for other difficult moments too, such as birthday party’s, crowded environments, situations that make her feel unsafe and possibly also at school. But first we all enjoy sleeping at night!

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