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Bas (29)

‘Squease makes me feel calm, pleasant and safe’

My name is Bas and I have autism. My experience with the Squease pressure vest is really great. The Squease pressure vest gives me peace when I have to focus on my work. When I walk down the street in the city, the pressure vest gives me a calm and safe feeling. The vest also works when I go out or travel on public transportation.

The pressure vest works well when I wear it about an hour and a half before I go to sleep. Fifteen minutes before I go to sleep I take the vest off. When I have a busy day and my brain is completely active or when I have exercised fanatically, the vest makes me calm again in my mind and in my body. On days when I didn’t wear the pressure vest I sometimes have troubles falling asleep. In this situation I will wear the vest for half an hour and drink some tea. This makes falling alseep much easier.

Personal hug
The pressure vest makes life easier for me so I am very happy with it. In situations where I need support I like to wear the vest and I always take the vest with me, everywhere I go. The employees of Squease have answers to all your questions, when you want to buy the vest and when you are using it. I think that is really great!!

Squease supports me really great. I love Squease! Squease makes me calm, pleasant and safe. My own personal hug!

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