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Dr. Temple Grandin

‘I think you have a product that could help many people on the autism spectrum’

We were proud to be part of ‘An evening with…. Dr. Temple Grandin’ in Reading. An unique opportunity to hear world-famous author Dr Temple Grandin talk about her life and experiences. Temple did us the honour of trying on a Squease vest after her lecture.

Temple Grandin is well-known activist for autism and inventor of the Squeeze Machine (see image below), which was the inspiration for the lightweight Squease pressure vest. Watch how she got the idea for her squeeze machine here. “I was in there for about half an hour and then for about an hour afterwards I was calmer.” – Temple Grandin about being squeezed in the squeeze machine.



Temple Grandins squeeze hug machine

Temple Grandin is the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. A professor of Animal Sciences at Colorado State, Grandin is a highly sought after speaker, lecturing around the world on autism and livestock handling.

More information about Dr. Temple Grandin can be found on her website.

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