Squease is an inflatable pressure vest designed for people who have difficulties processing sensory information, like people with autism, ADHD, sleeping or anxiety disorders. Why a special vest? Watch the video below and find out in only 2 minutes!


Squease gives a comfortable hug-like pressure, helping you to cope with stress and sensory overload, avoid meltdowns, improve concentration or fall asleep quicker.

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Kids Vests

Our two smallest vests are perfect for children who generally need constant hugs, have difficulties sleeping, calming down or focusing on school tasks.

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Vests and Hooded Tops

Our larger vests can be hidden in one of our hooded tops. Perfect when you are out and about, need a Squease-hug and prefer to avoid unwanted attention.

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Rent a Pressure Vest

Not sure if the pressure vest will work for you? Why not rent one to find out. If you keep it, then anything you have paid in rental costs comes off the purchase price!

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Squease Stories

Unlike weighted vests or weighted blankets,Squease is lightweight so you can comfortably wear it all day and take it with you anywhere you go. Don't take our word for it, read some of our user's experiences.

You have a product that could help many people on the autism spectrum.

- Dr. Temple Grandin

The vest helps Theo to concentrate better, He acts less impulsively and has a better focus on his tasks during the therapy sessions. He explained it to me as "it is calmer inside my head".

- Theo's occupational therapist

Willem can prevent losing control in situations of increasing stress and sensory overload. This saves a good dose of frustration and anxiety every day.

- Willem's mom

I find it hard to relax before I go to sleep. I use Squease before I get into bed to relax me and recalibrate my thoughts so I worry less about the troubles in my mind.

- Robyn


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