Squease is your own personal hug, whenever you need one. Just squeeze the pump and get a calming hug, instantly providing a pleasant, safe and protected feeling. Watch the video and in only 2 minutes find out more about this lightweight inflatable vest!What is Squease?...
We designed Squease for people of all ages, who can feel overwhelmed by the world around us. While this describes all of us it is especially beneficial for those who have difficulties processing sensory information, like people with Autism, ADHD, sleeping or anxiety disorders.Who is Squease for?...
Squease provides hug like pressure which can help you to cope with stress and sensory overload, avoid meltdowns, improve concentration or fall asleep more quickly. Deep pressure helps process sensory information more easily and calm you when you feel upset.Why use Squease?...

The Squease calming pressure vest is eligible for VAT exemption.

Check here if you are able to claim exemption from 20% VAT.

Who is Squease for?

  • Autism / Asperger Syndrome
  • ADHD / ADD
  • Sleeping  / Anxiety disorders
  • Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)
  • Down Syndrome
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  • Learning disabilities

Let Sam explain in this quick video why
we designed a special pressure vest.

Want to try before you buy?

Not sure if the pressure vest will work for you? Why not rent one to find out?

If you keep it, then anything you have paid in rental costs comes off the purchase price!


Soothing pressure

‘I like to wear it mom, the vest makes me calm!’ – Rick (10)

easier mealtimes… >

Sifra celebrating her fourth birthday in her Squease kids vest

Buzzy mind

‘Without my pressure vest there’s too much fuss in my head.’ – Sifra (4)

fun shopping trips… >


Bas wearing his Squease pressure vest

Feeling comfortable

‘Squease makes me feel calm, pleasant and safe.’ – Bas (29)

able to work… >

Isis showing her Squease kids vest

Good night’s sleep

‘I didn’t know that I was so tired all this time.’ – Isis (8)

sleeping bliss… >

“He wears it without a hooded top and the kids think it’s a cool police vest!”

Read Rick’s (10) story

How can Squease help?

  • avoid meltdowns
  • fall asleep more quickly
  • improve concentration and focus
  • prevent sensory overload
  • manage stress
  • cope with anxiety
  • sooth when upset
  • calm when restless

Check out reviews and stories of people that benefit from Squease on our User stories page

Unlike weighted vests / jackets or weighted blankets

Squease is lightweight so you can comfortably wear it anywhere you go.

More product benefits here… 

“I think you have a product that could help many people on the autism spectrum”

Temple Grandin’s squeeze machine was a great inspiration for the Squease pressure vest